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Experience the best upholstery cleaning Brisbane has to offer.

Amazingly fast drying times
Bacteria and odours destroyed
✓ Professionally trained technicians

Fabrics stay cleaner and fresher for longer
Targets allergens, pathogens, and dust mites
All upholstery is pre-vacuumed before cleaning
Hygienically cleans and sanitises materials
Increases the lifespan of your furnishings

Fabric Protection Treatment Available


Trusted Brisbane Upholstery Cleaners

Expert Technicians

All of our staff members are in-house and have been professionally trained to identify different types of fabrics and to know their characteristics when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Amazing Results

We know how to clean different types of materials and how they respond to different levels of heat, moisture, agitation, and other elements which enables us to give you amazing cleaning results.

Superior Service

From when you make an enquiry with our office to long after the job has been completed, there's a reason why we're the best upholstery cleaning service in Brisbane.

Brisbane Upholstery Cleaning is here to offer you a service like no other. Our cleaning methods and techniques deliver incredible, long-lasting results that leaves your upholstered furnishings cleaner for longer and feeling fresh.

We can clean a range of different types of furniture and upholstered items including but not limited to couches, lounges, sofas, chairs, stools, mattresses, bed heads, bed frames, office chairs, leather, outdoor furniture, commercial upholstery, and so much more.

Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

Protect Your Upholstery For Longer Lasting Results

Our upholstery protection treatment is an advanced solution that provides premium protection for your upholstered furnishings.

It's specially formulated to create a highly repellent and durable protective film over the surface of the fabric. This film is entirely invisible and does not change the texture or appearance of your fabric.

This fibre protection treatment is designed to hold spillages close to the surface of the fabric which can enable them to be removed before permanent staining has occurred.

This can greatly prolong the lifespan of your upholstery and keep it looking fresher and cleaner for longer. Be sure to ask your Brisbane Upholstery Cleaning technician about having this treatment applied while they are at your premises.

Our Upholstery Cleaning System

There's a reason why Brisbane Upholstery Cleaning gets better results than other operators, and that reason comes down to our systems and processes. Not only are all of our technicians professionally trained to identify different types of fabrics and to know their individual characteristics, but they also follow our systemised upholstery cleaning process which ensures that we constantly deliver high-level results to our clientele.

These results feature fast drying times, minimal moisture used during the cleaning process, all bacteria and stains targeted with our solutions, pre-vacuuming to remove dust mites, exceeds industry standards, and finishes with a fresh hygienic clean that leaves you enjoying a superior level of service and satisfaction.


Once we arrive on-site, we inspect your upholstery to identify the material and any pre-existing stains, marks, rips, tears, wear, and the overall condition of the piece.


Your furniture will now be vacuumed to extract dirt, grime, pollen, allergens, dry particulate, and other contaminants that are harboured and living on the surface of the fabric.


Some stains and marks take more time and work to break down than others, so our technicians will identify ones that need extra treatment and individually treat them first.

Cleaning Process

Now the magic will start to happen, and your technician will thoroughly deep clean all of the upholstered sections of the piece you want cleaned.

Finishing Touches

Your technician will now look over the piece to ensure that all sections have been tended to and they will also wipe down and prepare the piece for drying

Drying Process

The cushions or furniture will be positioned and set for optimal drying. Your technician also utilises a turbo air dryer and points it at your upholstery.

Fabric Protection

Fabric protection will now be applied if you have opted for it. This is designed to prevent stains and marks from setting in and it can keep your upholstery looking cleaner for longer while also prolonging its lifespan. This is an optional extra and will need to be applied at this stage of the cleaning process if you want it.


Your technician will now walk you through your home or business and show you the completed furnishings. They will let you know how the clean went and show you the results.

Superior Results

You can now enjoy all the benefits of professionally cleaned upholstery that has been cleaned, sanitised, and deodorised to a hygienic and expert standard.

Experience A Brisbane Upholstery Cleaning Service Like No Other!

Brisbane Upholstery Cleaning is here for you and we are the team you need to deliver fresh and clean upholstery like no other.

Our professionally trained technicians are experts at making our clientele completely satisfied with their superior cleaning skills and amazing customer service.

We love to deliver incredible results that not only cleans your fabrics from dirt, grime, and bacteria, but also leaves them so fresh that they remain cleaner for longer while looking great.

Find out why we are the best upholstery cleaning Brisbane has to offer and get in touch with us today. We service the entire metropolitan area for both residential and commercial clientele so you can be sure that we will come to you.