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Furniture comes in different types, styles, shapes, and sizes. In addition, the upholstery and the material also vary greatly. This makes interior design so much interesting and brings a unique look to every home and living space.

At the same time, the materials that make up the couches, lounges, chairs, and sofas are not the same or created equal, and this warrants the need for different cleaning methods and care instructions.

Like all other things, cleaning upholstery the right way is paramount for its performance and longevity as well. There are different cleaning methods for upholstery, and one of the best is dry cleaning or low moisture cleaning.


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    Benefits of Low Moisture Upholstery Cleaning

    Maintains the Condition

    Regular dry cleaning of upholstery removes stains, dust, grime, and allergens trapped in the upholstery. This gives the couch or the sofa a clean appearance and also keeps it looking good for longer. Dry cleaning also makes the seats safe for the children and the whole family.

    Targets Allergens

    Sofas and couches are among the most used items in every home or office, and this makes the fabrics and corners a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes. In addition, body oil from pets and humans, dander, dust, and pollen can breed dust mites and fleas, etc. This can be a health hazard for kids and those who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma.

    Dry cleaning upholstery targets these allergens and contaminants, making the couch a safe place for the family.

    Improves Overall Health

    Low moisture cleaning targets allergens and contaminants, so it improves the air quality at home. In addition, dry cleaning upholstery regularly removes odour that can result due to soiling of the upholstery from food and drink spills.

    This reduces allergies and improves the air quality, which means an overall improvement in the health of the inhabitants at home.

    Safe For Furniture

    Another reason why this method is highly recommended for upholstery is the safety aspect. Dry cleaning of upholstery typically involves the use of specialised solutions which effectively dissolves oil and grease on the fabric but does not affect the latex and adhesives used in the frame of the furniture.


    Reasons to Hire A Professional Organisation
    Dry cleaning your upholstery might seem easy enough. However, upholstery care labels can be misleading. Some furniture manufacturers recommend dry cleaning because it is the only way to genuinely clean and care for the fabric.

    This is because steam cleaning can use too much moisture and/or heat which could damage the material.

    However, some furniture manufacturers also recommend dry cleaning for upholstery without a genuine need. Dry cleaning of upholstery is easy and does not damage the fabric as easily, which puts the manufacturers’ at an advantage.

    Only trained personnel from quality cleaning companies can tell whether upholstery needs dry cleaning or not, so it’s important that the company you’re dealing with has experts who can identify different types of fabrics and can clean to industry standards. Not only this, but they should also know how the fabrics respond to different levels off heat, agitation, solution, and moisture.

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