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Leather Cleaning Brisbane Service

Leather is one of the most popular, durable, comfortable, classic, and chic choices of material when it comes to upholstery. A lot of people have leather upholstered furniture at home. They easily elevate the look and feel of any house. Whether it's a chair, couch, or sofa, you cannot go wrong with leather.

But hang on. Does leather require a thorough cleaning? Will a simple wipe down do the trick?

Unfortunately, if you have leather upholstery at home, at your office, or in a commercial space, simply wiping it with a damp cloth is not enough. Leather upholstered furniture is always in constant use. This allows dirt, dust, moisture, and unseen germs to flourish there.

If you have leather upholstery, neglecting or delaying cleaning can cause more harm to your furniture than good. With time, natural wear and tear will appear. This is why getting your leather cleaned by professionals is a must.

Professional leather cleaning Brisbane wide services are some of the easiest and quickest ways to protect your leather upholstery. Moreover, if you get it cleaned by professionals, the life span also increases.

Leather Cleaning Brisbane

Why Are These Services Important?

Although a lot of people love and have leather upholstery at home, they are still unaware of why leather cleaning is important. Most people only tend to wipe the surface and sometimes maybe do some dusting. But not so fast. That is not quite enough.

There are several reasons why leather cleaning is of utmost importance and beneficial for you:

● For starters, leather, like any other fabric, is prone to natural wear and tear. If not cleaned and maintained regularly, this wear and tear can show up quicker than you would expect.

Whether it is footwear, clothes, garments, or furniture, anything made of leather needs regular professional cleaning to help slow down the process of wear and tear. By increasing the durability, your leather objects will last longer.

● Another reason why leather cleaning should become a priority is that leather is one of those fabrics that can start to look dirty quite quickly.

But if you get your leather furniture at home cleaned regularly by professionals, they can help maintain the original colour and texture of your leather upholstery.

● There are also health and safety reasons involved. Since leather chairs, sofas, and couches are always in constant use, it’s really easy for dust, dirt, germs, and unseen pathogens to collect.

This can trigger allergies and other ailments in the body. But, getting it cleaned can remove these contaminants easily and prolong the lifespan of your furniture and also protect you from allergies.

● Another great benefit of leather cleaning is the increase in the return value. What does this mean? Leather products are often expensive, be it shoes or furniture. When properly cleaned and maintained, you can always fetch a good deal selling it second-hand, providing it’s still in good condition.

How We Clean Leather

We follow easy and safe steps to clean your leather objects. Here is what we do to clean your leather.

1. The first thing our team always does first is to inspect your leather furniture. This is to identify tears, scratches, imperfections, wear, and other areas that may be compromised.

2. After this, we will pre-vacuum the furniture to remove dust mites, allergens, and particulate.

3. We will now apply a specialised leather cleaning solution to a section of the furniture.

4. This solution is then agitated in using a leather cleaning brush and this can remove dirt, grime, and dried matter from the material.

5. We go panel by panel on the piece and wipe the solution off with a cloth after every section has been individually cleaned.

6. Once the whole piece has been properly cleaned, we apply a leather conditioning treatment to help keep the material soft and supple.