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It’s nearly impossible to dream or think about a world without mattresses. Sleep is one of the most important human functions. Today, thanks to mattresses of all kinds, shapes, and qualities, sleep is more comfortable and better. It is because of this very reason that mattress cleaning is extremely important.

But taking care of mattresses and cleaning them regularly are some things that most people simply do not prioritise. Did you know that mattresses can easily collect dead skin cells, dust, and all sorts of bacteria and viruses? This is because a mattress is used almost daily. Moreover, most people spend more than seven to eight hours sleeping, increasing the chances of dust mites, moisture, dust, and pathogen build-up.

Some of the common contaminants found in mattresses are human hair, pet hair, stains, dust mites, body oil, and all kinds of germs and bacteria. Such conditions may prove hazardous to health, especially people suffering from allergies like asthma or eczema.

Thankfully, all these can easily be avoided if you get professional mattress cleaning done by skilled and learned experts. We all deserve a good night's rest, and this is where professional mattress cleaners come into the frame.

Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

Is Professional Mattress Cleaning Beneficial?

A lot of people must be wondering whether or not getting professional mattress cleaning Brisbane wide services are beneficial. And it’s completely normal to have such questions. After all, you are spending money, so getting your money’s worth is a top priority.

To put it in simple words, yes, these services have several benefits. You just cannot compare DIY cleaning or self-cleaning to what professionals can do and achieve. Take a look at some of these benefits:

● Professional mattress cleaning can easily eliminate dust, allergens, germs, odour, and even bacteria from your mattress.

● If you have a mattress that is stained due to some food or drink accident, then consider yourself lucky. Getting your mattress professionally cleaned can destroy the odour causing bacteria as well.

● One of the best benefits has to be the increase in the longevity of your mattress. When you opt for professional mattress cleaning, they can increase the durability of your mattress, which means you can use it for longer.

● You can never successfully get rid of all the dead skin cells and dust mite excrements yourself, but professionals can certainly remove a lot more.

● People suffering from skin allergies, sensitive skin or nose, or even asthmatic people can benefit a lot from professional mattress cleaning services due to the removal of allergens and pathogens.

To Clean A Mattress, Or Not?

When it comes to mattress cleaning, we made sure to offer a wide range of useful services. Some of our mattress cleaning services include:

Stain Treatment

No one likes a stained mattress. It ruins the whole look of the mattress and they are annoying to look at. Whether it’s just at one spot or different spots, stains are bothersome.

But with the help of our services, you no longer need to worry. Our professional mattress cleaners are trained and can hygienically clean any type of stain on your mattress.


Would you believe us if we told you that mattresses could become dirtier than a toilet seat over time if not cleaned regularly? Yes, you heard that right. If you neglect cleaning your mattress, it can start accumulating all kinds of bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses that can make sleeping troublesome for you. But with the aid of our services, we can sanitise your mattress to a hygienic standard.

Dust Mite Treatment

Dust mites are perhaps one of the worst things you can have on your mattress. And to make things worse, they are microscopic. What does this mean? Simple. You cannot see them with your eyes. Dust mites live on mattresses and reproduce there as well.

People who suffer from allergies to the skin or breathing problems may experience heightened symptoms when in contact with dust mites. Fortunately, our vacuum cleaners are equipped with specialised HEPA filters and our cleaning solutions can destroy this microscopic organisms.

Dry Cleaning

It’s a known fact that mattresses are not the thinnest of materials. They are mostly thick and large. This makes cleaning a mattress with water a challenge. Moreover, it might take time to dry. This is where our mattress dry cleaning services are useful.

Most people think that a steam clean mattress service is the way to go. This will actually put more moisture into the material and it has a chance to get absorbed and cause mould in addition to the springs rusting.

This is why we have a specialised dry cleaning treatment that uses minimal moisture while still getting incredible results.

Hygienic Treatment

The sweat from our bodies can easily make mattresses damp, and the daily use keeps adding more dirt and dust. This can lead to your mattress becoming a hotspot from germs and allergens.

Thankfully, we also provide a hygienic treatment included in every service at no extra cost. This method involves utilising specialised cleaning solutions that target organic matter such as sweat which then destroys the bacteria.

Odour Removal

What happens when dirt, dust, moisture, dead skin cells and bacteria collect on your mattress? It’s simple. Your mattress will begin to stink. And let’s face it. No one wants to own a smelly mattress, let alone sleep on one.

Our services include removal of such odour from your mattress. Once we’re done, you will have your mattress smelling new and fresh again.