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Sofa Cleaning Brisbane Service

Did you know that your favourite sofa might be the breeding ground for bacteria and allergens? It might sound nasty, but it is true; sofas and seats are used very often and by everyone in the family, including pets.

In addition, sofas get dirty quite often because drinks are spilled, and babies sometimes have accidents while on them. This can diminish the colour and appearance of the sofas, making them look dull and grubby.

In commercial spaces and offices, a dirty looking sofa does not make the best impression on your company, and it makes guests and clientele feel a bit off.

Unfortunately, regular cleaning, whether it is dusting, wiping, or even vacuuming, is not enough to clean sofas. Brisbane Sofa Cleaning is here for you, and we can make your sofa look incredible.

Sofa Cleaning Brisbane

Why Choose Us?

Professional Team

Our teams of cleaning members are fully trained to tackle every cleaning situation and come with years of experience. In addition, our friendly sofa cleaning team will answer all your questions about sofa cleaning and maintenance.

And yes, our professional cleaning teams are fully trained to use all the cleaning types of equipment so you can expect the best results.

Along the same lines, our cleaning techniques are in compliance with the industry cleaning standards in Australia and New Zealand.

Eco-friendly Practices

Cleaning agents and solutions can be very harsh on all living things, and there is no doubt about that. So to minimize our footprint, we used specialised cleaning solutions that do not cause harm or damage.

Incredible Results

Our professionally trained technicians know how to recognise different types of fabrics and how the react to certain levels of heat, moisture, and agitation.

This means you aren't getting an inexperienced or unknowledgeable person who may perform incorrect cleaning methods on your specific fabric.

This, combined with our specialised cleaning systems enables us to deliver high-level and consistent results on every job.

What Sofa Cleaning Methods Do You Use?

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning sofas are one of the most common methods we use. We use the encapsulation technique to dry clean the sofas to get rid of the dirt and grime.

First, we vacuum the sofas, then apply a specialised cleaning agent on the surface to dry clean. Next, we use a rotary machine to agitate it so that it encapsulates the contaminants on the sofas and upholstery.

Sofas with delicate fabrics are best for dry cleaning. However, manufacturers typically put a label on the sofa's upholstery if it requires dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning of sofas is a great option if you are in a rush to entertain guests or a similar situation because it is the quickest to dry among all the cleaning methods without sacrificing any hygienic benefits.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is another effective way for cleaning fabric upholstery. Steam cleaning gets rid of bacteria and the allergens that are so common in fabric upholstery, much like dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning sofas can sometimes take up to 8 hours to dry, so it's not ideal for fast or instant cleaning, especially since dry cleaning can yield the same or even better results with faster drying times.

Your technician will only opt for this method if your fabric can be safely cleaned using it and if they believe it will get the best result. The majority of the time, your upholstery will be dry cleaned because of its fast drying times, superior stain and bacteria removal, and better looking results.