The Best Upholsterers Brisbane Has To Offer

Is your beloved piece of furniture in need of a professional reupholstering service? Well you’re in luck, because as the leading upholstery cleaning service in Brisbane, we hear from our clientele about Brisbane upholsterers they have used before and the level of service they have received.

We also know that sometimes if the material isn’t too damaged, it may be better to try cleaning upholstery or trying upholstery stain removal first before you consider reupholstering furniture.

Brisbane Upholsterers

If you live in or around Brisbane and need an upholsterer, then you probably know that it can be overwhelming to try and find a good upholsterer for your home or business project when there are so many options out there. Well, we can help!
Creating furniture pieces and ensuring that those pieces are perfectly suited to your space can be daunting; hiring an experienced upholsterer is essential in achieving this goal.

An upholsterer has years of experience dealing with different types of fabrics, materials, and techniques, so they will ensure your space is comfortable while having the perfect aesthetic touches. In this guide, we’ll help you choose from upholsterers in Brisbane for your job and how they work on projects like yours. Whether you need furniture recovered or require some other renovation work, read on to learn how to find the best upholsterer in Brisbane.

Brisbane Upholsterers

Here is a list of some of the best upholsterers Brisbane has to offer.

Brisbane Upholstery

With four decades of experience restoring antique furniture in England, Brisbane Upholstery brings the same expertise and passion to Australia. Their highly skilled team takes great care to ensure your beloved family heirlooms look as good as new, from reupholstering all quality pieces of furniture to repairing and polishing antiques like dining suites, cabinets, and more!

Brisbane Upholstery is also experienced in modern and commercial upholstery, offering a wide range of designs to choose from. They use only the highest quality materials and pride themselves on their attention to detail, ensuring a beautiful and timeless finish every time. Whether it’s traditional or contemporary, Brisbane Upholstery have you covered!

Contact : 07 3266 2902
Address : 240 Toombul Rd, Northgate, 4013, QLD

Murrays Interiors

With over forty years in the business, Murray’s Interiors has been providing residents of Brisbane and nearby areas with superior upholstery service and top-notch quality products.

Whether customers require help finding stylish window furnishings for their home or workplace that fit within budget, this experienced team works tirelessly to fulfil individual needs.

Their excellent selection combines beautiful aesthetics with on-trend designs -all at a competitive price!

From traditional buttoned furnishings to modern designs featuring reduced visible seams, there is something for everyone at Murray’s Interiors!

Contact : 07 33557 888
Address : 4 Osborne Road, Mitchelton QLD

Mandall Upholstery

Since 1995, Mandall Upholstery has been offering quality upholstery services for both residential and commercial clients throughout Brisbane. These range from re-furbishing office furniture to providing vintage pieces with a unique touch.With an easy quote process available, this business is one of the most trusted around when it comes to creating beautiful yet practical solutions within any space or living area. They even extend their outstanding work as far out as Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and Gold Coast for commercial clients.

Payments plans are flexible too; simply arrange a 50% deposit at the time of order while paying the balance on delivery directly through your preferred method (cash, cheque, etc.).

Contact : 0474 054 663
Address : 10 Mounteford Pl, Albany Creek QLD 4035

Stitch and Staple

For over 30 years, Stitch & Staple Upholstery has been providing quality upholstery services to Brisbane and beyond.

Their talented craftsmen are dedicated to providing a result that fits any budget while restoring old furniture to ‘good as new’ condition or using it as a foundation for creating something completely fresh and unique.

Whether you want your furniture to looking like its original state or customized into something entirely different, their experts offer all manner of repair and restoration, including commercial projects for office spaces.

Contact : 0412 440 090
Email :
Address : 2/22 Dulacca St, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110

Sanders Upholstery

For over four decades, Troy Sanders, the owner, has been proudly running the family business in Brisbane and South-East Queensland, providing unparalleled results for upholstering furniture.

From bedheads to commercial jobs, reupholstering to recovering, restyling or refurbishment – no job is too big or small for this firm that stays ahead by keeping up-to-date with industry trends, ensuring only top-quality results every time.

With over 3500 days worked on 896 completed projects so far, thousands of customers have put their trust into transforming their beloved pieces with flair. Their commitment to their craft has resulted in a vast collection of stunning pieces that are both beautiful and durable.

Contact : 07 3194 8417
Email :
Address : 3/18 Abercrombie Street, Rocklea, QLD, 4106

Carleton Custom Upholstery

For over 50 years, the family-owned business Carleton Custom Upholstery has been devoted to providing top-notch furniture restoration services for both residential and commercial purposes.

Their attention to detail extends beyond just upholstering- with Wood and Frame Work, Webbing Work, Veneer Works, and other specialized labour like Broken Parts Welding, or Repair/Fabricating Metal Parts also done with precision craftsmanship positions them amongst the best upholsterers Brisbane has to offer.

With a satisfied customer base of over 150,000, their commitment to service excellence is clearly evident!

Contact         : 07 3352 5333 or 07 4639 2827
Email              :
Address         : PO Box 304 Red Hill 4059

Auto Trimmers Brisbane

Here is a list of some of the best auto trimmers Brisbane has to offer.

Carmans Auto

Since its establishment in 1996, Carman’s Auto Trimmers has been a leader in the Automotive aftermarket industry.

Founded by Adam and located in Slacks Creek, South Brisbane area, the team at Carman’s strives to bring luxurious comfort on the roads with their aesthetically pleasing products sourced from both national and international suppliers only of the finest quality materials.
With an aspiration to create a seamless experience for customers driving, riding, or boating – it is no wonder why this company holds such high regard within their sector.

Contact : 07 3209 3663
Email :
Address : 1/16 Herbert St, Slacks Creek QLD 4127, Australia

All Vehicle Upholstery

For over 35 years, All Vehicle Upholstery (AVU) has earned a reputation for customer satisfaction and referrals. Located just 10km from the CBD next to Bunnings Rocklea, customers have the added convenience of having somewhere to visit while their cars are repaired or customised.

From families with single vehicles all the way up to large companies with fleets of trucks – Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Zupps, and Sci-Fleet, among many others – no job is too big or small for AVU’s specialized services.

With secure onsite parking behind purpose-built premises, these experienced professionals offer tailored solutions for cars, utes, marine vehicles, trucks, or any custom work customers require.

Contact : 07 3274 1985
Address : 158 Marshall Road, Rocklea, Queensland

Lee Brothers Trimmers

Since 1954, Lee Brothers Australia has been proudly providing customers with quality motor body trimming services and dependable automotive repairs.

As the premier one-stop shop for all things related to auto trimmings in Brisbane and beyond, these experienced professionals offer expert workmanship and friendly customer service at an affordable price point- so you can trust that your vehicle will be looking its best!

With a commitment to delivering complete customer satisfaction on every job they take, there’s no better choice than Lee Brothers Australia when it comes to getting your car just the way you want it.

Contact : 07 3262 2025
Email :
Address : 8 Pedder Street, Albion, QLD 4822

Car Upholstery Brisbane

Here is a list of some of the best car upholstery Brisbane has to offer.

All Car Interiors

For over 40 years, All Car Interiors (ACI) has been providing superior motor trimming services owned and operated by the Whitson family in Brisbane. Delivering custom upholstery and repairs with quality materials to bring a car back to new condition, ACI transforms cars from mild-mannered vehicles into customized works of art!

And for those looking for luxury leather upgrades that don’t come with an expensive brand price tag? Look no further: ACI will source high-quality leather from around the world at competitive prices. Roof linings starting at just $120 are also available, along with experienced crafting techniques producing tonneau covers and canopies tailored specifically for your vehicle.

Contact : 07 3857 1141
Address : 10 Somerset St, Windsor QLD 4030

JLS Auto Upholstery

With over three decades of expertise in the motor trimming industry, JLS Auto Upholstery is Brisbane’s go-to for all things car upholstery. Based in Sumner Park, southwest of Brisbane, they offer services from custom-making heavy-duty waterproof seat covers to car and truck upholstering, as well as 4x4s, commercial vehicles, and marine vessels.

Additionally, for large companies that need maintenance on fleets such as rail systems and mining machinery, JLS will be sure to deliver quality results with time efficiency that fit into budget constraints.

Contact : 07 3376 0800
Email :
Address : 17-11 Forge Cl, Sumner, Queensland, 4074, Australia

Archerfield Auto Upholstery

When it comes to auto and marine upholstery, you can trust the professionals at Archerfield Upholsterers Brisbane. John White and his team have been customizing cars, boats, bikes, and more for over eighteen years. With an impressive track record of success in car trimming and detailing services, Archerfield Upholsterers can handle all kinds of projects.

From interior restoration and roof lining repairs to carpeting a camper trailer, they’ll be able to meet your needs from Brisbane through Sunshine Coast all the way down to Gold Coast.

Contact : 07 3274 5310
Email :
Address : 208 Beatty Rd Archerfield

With careful consideration of all the advice found here, hopefully, you now be able to find the best upholsterers Brisbane has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a small repair job or an entire couch makeover, finding the perfect upholstery service is essential. Not only can it make all the difference in how comfortable and visually pleasing your furniture is, but it can help extend its lifespan considerably.

When looking for an upholsterer in Brisbane, be sure to check out reviews and ask questions ahead of time so that you know what kind of experience they provide. Finally, don’t forget to budget accordingly; some services may be too costly, while others may not give you the quality you need. Take the time to research and get quotations from different companies before making a final decision.
With all these tips in mind, there’s no doubt that you’ll find the best upholsterer in Brisbane for your job.