How To Get Lint Balls Off A Couch?

Ahh, the dreaded lint balls! They appear out of nowhere, and no matter how often you vacuum your couch, they just keep coming back! But don’t worry – some simple techniques can help get those pesky lint balls off your couch once and for all.

The easiest method is not cleaning upholstery, but to use a lint roller. A lint roller is a great tool for removing lint and can be used on furniture and clothes. Simply roll it over the surface of your couch and watch as the lint balls disappear!

Want to learn some other techniques to remove lint balls off a couch? Just scroll down!

How to get lint balls off a couch

What Are Lint Balls?

Lint balls or pills are small pieces of fabric that form on fabrics, especially clothes and furniture. They are caused by friction over time, as the material rubs against itself or other surfaces. As they build up, they become more visible and harder to remove.

3 Basic Rules Of Lint Ball Removal

Regardless of what removal technique you choose, there are a few basic tips you should keep in mind when removing lint balls from your couch:

  1. Don’t rub too hard: Lint balls are delicate and can easily fray the fabric if you rub too hard.
  2. Don’t use a brush: Using an abrasive brush or even a vacuum cleaner can damage the fabric, making it look worse than before.
  3. Be gentle: Take your time and be gentle when removing lint balls, as any harsh movement can damage the fabric.

How To Get Lint Balls Off A Couch?

One of the best ways to remove lint balls off a couch is with a fabric shaver. It’s a tool used to remove lint, pills and fizz from delicates and fabrics. It uses a rotating blade that gently removes the fabric’s surface fibres to restore its original softness and appearance.

Fabric shavers are ideal for restoring delicate items such as sweaters, upholstery, carpets, and clothing. All you have to do is hold the shaver near the lint ball and let it do its job – with no risk of damage to your couch!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a fabric shaver:

• Start by smoothening the fabric in the area where the lint is located.
• Before you begin, ensure that the blade guard on your shaver is removed and the removable waste bin is securely fastened.
• Hold the fabric shaver close to the lint ball, but not too close – about 5 cm away should do.
• Slowly move the shaver over the surface of your couch, and make sure to cover all areas with lint balls.
• Once you are done, remove the waste bin and empty it.

Other Methods To Remove Lint Balls Off A Couch

1. Vacuum: If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get lint balls off your couch, try vacuuming! It is best to use an upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to reach deep into the fabric of the couch. Make sure to go over every inch of the couch and even around the edges.

2. Lint Roller: As mentioned before, lint rollers are a great tool for removing lint balls. However, there’s a catch – this method works well for removing loose lint balls but not so much for those tightly stuck to the fabric.

3. Cheap Razors: Another option is to use a cheap razor, one that doesn’t come with fancy gel attached. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can damage the fabric. Hold the razor at a slight angle and gently scrape off the lint balls.

One last thing to remember is that these methods are not a permanent solution – lint balls can re-appear over time. Regularly vacuuming and using fabric shavers or lint rollers will help keep your couch looking fresh and new!